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$ 1,000,000 USD
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$ 1,344,000 USD
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$ 8,000,000 USD Open for investment
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$ 1,500,000 USD
$ 8,000,000 USD
$ 15,000,000 USD
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$ 5,000,000 USD
$ 6,500,000 USD
$ 5,000,000 USD
$ 600,000 USD
$ 9,000,000 USD
Current valuation: $1,000,000 USD
Key investors: Bizrupt, Angel's Nest.

Hoopa is a technological platform that uses the consumers' smartphones to connect them with their favorite brands in the right place and time. Using their location, analyzing their behavior or consumption desires, they will receive personalized text, image, audio or video messages exactly when they need them. This generates an insuperable impact, enhances their experience and helps to increase sales.

Combining real time analytics of purchase patterns, tendencies and social networks, a personalization without precedent of marketing messages is achieved.

How does it work?
1. Sensors
2. A channel to send messages.
3. A brain.

First, proximity and location sensors help us to understand the behavior of the consumers in and around a physical location. Indoors, we use beacons, small electronic sensors that send out a low intensity signal that is detected by nearby smartphones, and geo-location to cover big outdoors spaces.

As a communication channel we use the consumer's smartphone, which reacts to nearby sensors and geo-labels, showing personalized contextual messages.

The brain is the Hoopa system, a cloud platform where everything related with proximity campaigns is managed, contents and business rules are defined, and all necessary data is collected to identify valuable insights for decision making.

Current valuation: $1,334,000 USD
Key investors: Bizrupt, Mountain Nazca, Progeny Plus, Dila Capital, Haqlab Ventures

Critical Masser is a data science platform that analyzes social networks interactions at terabyte scale to find groups of people who talk regularly to each other. This provides unique intelligence that is extremely valuable when running campaigns as it enables to create an automated path for word-of-mouth to travel and spread online and offline.

Current valuation: $8,000,000 USD
Key investors: Bizrupt, Angels Nest, Estratégica, Family AV, Remedia (Abel V.)

We are Joyas del Mundo, a startup focused on the disjunctive development, evolution, growth and innovation of the Luxury Tourism Industry in various regions around the world. With an aggressive strategy and business model, we are determined to create during the following 5 years:

Joyas de México, Joyas de Centro América y el Caribe, Joyas de Norte América, Joyas de Sudamérica y Joyas de Europa.

The first challenge has been to create the foundations of the business, the technological platform, the digital product, branding strategies, brand, marketing and communication, all applied to the launching of Joyas de México.

On July 7, 2016 we launched Joyas de México with 35 hotels.

What are we?

The 1st SOTA (Select Online Travel Agency) in Mexico specialized in the promotion of travel experiences in luxury destinations + hotels.

An e-commerce site for luxury travelers around the world.

A new luxury travelers social network, thanks to our online travel collection album.

We are experts in creating luxury travel experiences by means of a unique online reservations engine, the extranet and a challenge manager, focused on the sale of luxury trips, which we have named EXPERIENCE CREATOR.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with HOOPA, we apply loyalty and luxury travelers care strategies with the JOYAS PROXIMITY product.

We are the creators of the first JOYAS LUXURY TRAVEL APP, an app for the most exclusive trips from Joyas de México, prepared for the most demanding luxury travelers in the world.

Key advisors

Daniel Cervantes, President and Founder of ISDI. Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet

Gonzalo Alonso, Clowder Tank CEO

Alexandre Mery-Sanson, Financial and Business Consultant in the area of Tourism and Real Estate

Ricardo Aguilar, Estratégica Marketing Technologies and Business Alliances Director

Alejandra Fernandez former Founder and Commercial Director at Forbes México magazine

Carlos Mackinlay former CDMX Tourism Secretary and Tourism Advisor for various states and the private sector


  • STAGE I (Founders) $295,000 USD
  • STAGE II (Bizrupt) $200,000 USD

Current valuation: 1,500,000 USD
Key investors: Bizrupt, Brainfusion,
Parque de Innovación de la Salle, Universidad de la Salle.

To be a part of each domestic and commercial gas transaction in the market. Do you when you will run out of gas? Have you ever been frustrated because you were unable to cook or take a hot shower? Have you desired to save more on gas?

Three million people around the world use L.P. gas. Due to this fact, we decided to build the first gas management platform, easy to use for everyone. Our device is sufficiently affordable and pays for itself. Your Gaszen application offers an incredible user experience and also creates valuable information for you and the gas providers so that they may be more cost efficient. It is a win-win-win solution.

We built a powerful platform that connects the stationary gas tank (device) with the end user (through the application) and provides useful information to the gas provider (administrative platform) so that the industry is more efficient and profitable.

Precise, safe and user friendly commands. - Customizable alerts. - Non intrusive and easy to install device.

Investments as of today:
$ 220,000.00 USD ANGEL
$ 315,000.00 USD SEED

Current valuation: 8,000,000 USD
Key Investors: Bizrupt, Variv Capital, Ideas y Capital, Socialatom Ventures, Cambridge Analytics.

Over 80% of mobile phones are prepaid in Latin America— gives free cellular top-ups to its users in exchange for placing content and targeted ads on their lock screens. Business Summary: For the majority of the world, prepaid airtime credit is a digital currency. Many of these users are unbanked and unreachable by traditional advertising. allows advertisers to subsidize cellphone bills with full-screen, rich content. Launched in Mexico in April 2015, has had more than 190,000 downloads and is opening soon in other LatAm markets.

Management: Co-founders and brothers, Isaac and Joel Phillips have a synergistic combination of skills. Joel is CEO, running operations in Mexico City. Joel is a visionary project manager with an analytical background (Columbia University, Economics) who also studied digital media production. Isaac has been building mobile apps since 2009, has a wide international telecom experience, and specializes in digital intelligence.

Customer Problem: Brands in LatAm struggle to generate authentic millennial engagement. Millennials are no longer watching traditional television and many of them are not consistently connected to the internet. Those who are connected to the internet, increasingly installing adblockers.’s offers to brands: 1.The best real estate in mobile: 150 full screen displays per user per day! 2.Millennial engagement: Drive sales, downloads, and awareness 3.Social impact: Providing connectivity increases customer loyalty and brand goodwill Existing Customers: More than 50 brands including AT&T, Danone, Dish, Puma, BlaBlacar, H&M, BBVA, DestAPP, Office Max, Torres 10, Virgin, Hogares Union, and Paleta Payaso.

User Problem: The vast majority of phones are prepaid in the world, in Latam, and in’s first market —Mexico. Every few days, users are going to local stores to add $1.30 or $3 USD to continue voice and date usage. This results in inconsistent connectivity for more than 60% of Latin America.

User Solution: With normal daily use of their phones, users earn free airtime. After installing the free Android app, users begin to receive targeted ads and offers on their lock screen. The average person looks at their phone 150x per day and each time a user looks at their phone and sees a new ad, they earn “ monedas” which can be exchange for airtime from any provider.

Competitive Advantage:’s unique product combination of the lock screen space with airtime top-up rewards, combined with the experience in managing and building apps, and the network of connections in Mexico and Latam give it the competitive advantage to succeed.

Current valuation: $15,000,000 USD
Key investors: Bizrupt.

The name Vylon is based on the following: astrology says that planets belong to a solar system and this solar system, in turn, to an astral system and this latter belongs to a system of a system where two charges exist. A positive charge and a negative one. The positive charge, to name it a planet, is called Vylon.

1.-Brief. Vylon is born as a concept in 2010 under the circumstances of selling solar heaters, mainly to the housing industry. We started importing solar heaters from Asia.

In 2012 we began to seek a way to build the solar heaters in Mexico, finding this way strategic partners in the Mexican Bajio Area. For this year, along with the leaders of Infonavit, we are invited to create part of Infonavit's Green Mortgage program which obtained the Habitat prize from the UN. These year we started eco-technologies focused on saving water, light and gas.

During the social interest housing crisis in Mexico, we were forced to watch our strengths that at the time were volume purchases, import experience and good Logistics. We decided to transmit those benefits to begin the development of integrated savings projects on: water, light, gas for sectors such as industry, commerce and government.

After finding an area of opportunity during those years in the housing sector, we realized that 80% of green technologies in Mexico are created for horizontal housing and that green technologies for buildings was a High End market. After some attempts to develop eco-technologies for middle class buildings in Mexico, we realized that there was no offer using green technologies; that at the end, green means savings for users. Therefore, we started to seek a way to build a first high quality and good presence building with an eco-technologies component right from its essence.

In 2013, we started proceedings for the first Sustainable building, making it a reality in 2014, and from then on we added to Vylon a new business area: Sustainable Housing.

To date, Vylon has 3 business areas:

1.- Supply of eco-technologies and other products for the construction industry.

2.- Developing projects on energy savings, gas and water care and treatment.

3.- Developing sustainable housing.

We own two warehouses, one in Mexico City and another in Monterrey. We offer nationwide coverage.

2.- Key Consultants

Mainly, our own customers became key consultants. However, in the context of consultants, we received much support from businessmen Bizrupt, founding partners of Freeman. As well as businessmen from the north of the country, shareholders of Cementos Chihuahua. Within our consultants, we count on a person that for more than 10 years has been the head of a fund that manages 70 billion dollars and, mainly, my parents.

3.- Founders

4.- Investors: at first I had no investors, it was the effort of selling my car and getting a loan to deliver the first order. Later on, my parents helped me, and afterwards, Family and Friends.

For the second stage, I began to seek investors and in this way Freeman/Bizrupt arrived, and they helped me to escalate my different business areas.

5.- Current value: to 2015 we have generated 138 million pesos, and are working to grow to double digits this year.

Current valuation: $5,000,000 USD
Key investors:

Coming Soon


Current valuation: $6,500,000 USD
Current valuation: $5,000,000 USD
Current valuation: $600,000 USD
Current valuation: $9,000,000 USD