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What is Bizrupt?

Bizrupt is a venture capital firm by founders for founders, that invests in tech startups in early stages. (Seed Capital)

Where we have invested in?

From March 2016, we have invested $2,629,000 in 11 startups. Our companies have a combined value of: $60,934,000 USD

All amounts expressed in US Dollars Funding term from March 2016 to August 2017.

Our goal

Bizrupt plans to invest $100,000,000 USD in tech startups.


Our world is changing, we're living disruptive times and digital transformation.

The main growth driver of the Fourth Revolution that we are experiencing is technology and our main passion is to find ways to support the region's economic development through technology.

Our second passion is to achieve exceptional and substantial returns for our investors.

A new wave of unicorns will rise from emerging economies. We believe that capital and startups over-saturation in Silicon Valley is pushing or causing entrepreneur investments that are no longer solving substantial issues.

Private ratings are stabilizing.
70% of the most valuable brands in the United States were created by immigrants or their second generations.
24 of the 54 main unicorns were founded by immigrants.
The new wave of unicorns will be headed by sustainable and scalable startups that are able to solve transcendental issues that currently affect humanity.

Projections indicate that LATAM will reach a GDP of 15.14 trillion dollars by 2025, so it is no surprise that the region, or some countries in the region, are among the main markets for corporations such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Citi, Inditex, Twitter, just to mention a few.
Therefore, we pose the following question:
Why if we have enough talent and market in Latin America there are not enough success stories in proportion?
The answer is simple: lack of investment capital.

Despite the efforts of some governments in the area to incentive economic growth through the creation of new companies, and that more investor angels, VC's, accelerators and support programs for entrepreneurs exist today, main investments are destined to very early stages of the startups, so the closing of Series "A" and subsequent capital rounds is very complex. Therefore, the companie's growth is slowed down, diminishing their attractiveness for acquisition.

Bizrupt seeks to close the gap between early stage VC's and the big investment funds and/or potential purchasers.

We believe that the key to success of an ecosystem as Silicon Valley is being a community driven by founders for founders. Bizrupt seeks to create such an environment for the transmission of experiences that turns into success stories.

Welcome to the era.®

What projects do we accelerate?

“Each moment of business happens just once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or the next Sergey Brin will not create a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg will not make a social network. If you are copying those personalities, you are not learning from them.”.
-Peter Thiel-

We do not seek to invest in: X's Uber, X's Groupon, X's Facebook, X's Airbnb. We are looking for the NEXT BIG THING and by this we man: a great issue solved in an efficient manner through technology.

Our goal is to participate in companies with unique, efficient and highly scalable technologies, to take them to the next level.

We support tech startups that preferably have ready to market products.

What do we look for in startups?


The best talent.


Focused on culture




Clear communication




Impact (Moonshot Thinking)





What does it take to create a startup?

"It certainly isn't intelligence, or technical abilities, or a unique product or market vision. There are two traits that distinguish successful startup founders from the rest: the ability to obsessively focus on one thing and one thing only, at the expense of making everything else and the ability to take andure endless amounts of shi..
-Antonio García Martínez - AdGrok Founder


How do we help bizrupters?

"Since we are a small team with a particular focus, we prefer to invest our time and energy seeking great startups, and work hand by hand with extraordinary founders to help them reach their companies' potential. We believe that venture capital is highly personalized business service, our ambition and aspiration is to help founders to escalate their business, not use their business to escalate ours.
-Matt Cohler- (General Partner Benchmark)

One of the most important aspects in which we actively participate is to help startups to develop an optimal business model to attain escalation at an accelerated pace. Likewise, we involve in an ample variety of aspects according to the needs of each startup, such as: legal, financial, technological, marketing, commercial and tax, among others.
Finally, we help companies to have an adequate structure for their next capital rounds.

There is no better advice than the one of a founder that has materialized an exit. Being an accelerator/fund created by serial entrepreneurs, we believe that our mentorship is a key factor of success for our bizrupters.